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-= Keira Fulton-Lees, As.D

Hi, I am Autistic and my name is Keira Fulton-Lees. (Note: Identity-First for me!) and I am the the owner of the ArtfullyAutistic Website and Blog.

I just launched this site on October 6th, 2019 and it is a platform for the Artfully Autistic and others to publish writing, essays, articles, poetry, art, poetic essays, and any thoughts and ideas you may want to share about Autism and other topics.

Those with Autism, the friends and families of those with Autism, Medical and Mental Health professionals who support those with Autism, those who advocate Autism, those who support the awareness of the creative abilities of those with Autism, or simply those are interested in the subject, experiences, and lives of those with Autism are encouraged to post here as well.

Welcome to my site and I look forward to reading posts from others !

After many years of being misdiagnosed with many other disorders, I was finally Formally Tested and Diagnosed with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder by a Neuropsychologist at a renowned Neuroscience Clinic. Finally getting a correct diagnosis was a very vindicating and empowering experience for me.

I’ve finally reached a place of not only acceptance of my condition, but a place of embracing and celebrating my atypical differences. Finally knowing why I never really “fit-in”, is a very powerful feeling.

My Autistic “Special Interests” are:

  • The Moon – My Beloved Glowing Friend

  • Music – I play guitar and compose my own original instrumental Songs

  • Art – I love to draw and paint

  • Writing and Poetry – I love to write about my life experiences living on the Spectrum, Mental Health, Disability, and other open topics of interest

  • Photography – For me, finding just the right shot is to capture and lock-in a special moment in time

  • Coding – Mostly in Java and Perl (Perl will always hold a special place in my heart

  • Perl ! – The Swiss Army Knife of programming! – shebang! – #!/usr/bin/perl

  • My Son – The Love of My Life – The Steeple Atop All My Extraordinary Moon People!

Examples of my Writing, Poetry, and Photography can be found:

A Few Examples of My Instrumental Music Compositions and Music Collaborations With my Son Brad Can Be Found At:

© 2020 Keira Lees

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